Remembering Roosevelt Field 20 years after demolition

Here is one of this summer's best stories yet.   It is about a beloved stadium that was demolished and then whose loss was regretted.   The footprints of 1973 barnstorming Goldpanners were once there, too.   The following is coverage from Terry Mosher at the Kitsap Sun.

Gran remembers softball tournaments with 5,000 people in the stands, although that number is likely an exaggeration. The point is, events at Roosevelt did attract large gatherings. It was a focal point for activities in Kitsap County and if you were a young kid, playing on the field was something to be proud of, and excited.

If the field had not been demolished, it could have been renovated and turned into a home for a pro team. At least three perspective owners looked at Bremerton as a possible site for a team in the mid-1990s when minor league baseball was exploding in popularity, but a lack of a field killed those dreams.

The Kitsap Outsiders, a successful semi-pro baseball team playing in the Southwest League under the Casey Stengel banner, drew hundreds of fans for their games in the early 1970s. The Alaska Goldpanners, perhaps the best summer-league team in the country at the time, played the Outsiders one night before a packed house in 1973.

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